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Promoting Troubadours with a story-of-a-song to sing...

Trevor Krueger

So what's this Trevor Krueger all about?

Well, it's quite simple, I love music and helping people so... KIPA helps me bring my activities together beneath just one hat.

I've chosen to focus mainly on our wonderful British Heritage of Folk and Roots music and the many up-and-coming young contemporary talents that make new Folk / Acoustic Music as exciting as it is. I believe our music needs as many hands to the pump to promote it as it can get. Simple as that.

So, after starting out as just another fan I decided that my town, Epping in Essex, needed a good live Folk venue. So I found some space and established Epping Folk Club and now we stage at least one live music event each month with plans to expand as the audience does.

Not content with that, I managed, through the kind help of my good friend and Theatrical Agent, Joe Wenborne, to secure a slot on Saint FM in Maldon from where I now present my weekly Folk Show... And great fun it is too. Listeners are growing quickly in number and it all helps to expand a platform from which I can bring more new artists and current music to a wider audience.

Finally, I am leading an initiative to establish a major Heritage Venue for British Folk which will encourage fans to gather from all around the World to see the best established and emerging artists we have to offer. If you are a fan or a performer - I'm doing it all for you.

All I ask is that you help me wherever you can to make it happen...

The Toubadour

The Location is found

Funding Secured

Planning under way

Patience innitiated!

Great Events Each Month
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Surviving Without Funding is a Tough Challenge!

Music is my passion  so I gladly  donate my time and best efforts to promoting music and musicians as best I can...
But I'm always looking for any support / sponsorship being offered, so if you'd like to help, even in a small way
the address for donations is on the HOME page. Every penny helps me keep going!